Why join?

❣️ To improve your overall female health, get into great shape and increase intimate zone immunity as well as to get rid of specific health issues like urinal incontinence (leakage), constipation, low libido, painful period etc.

❣️ My course does not require any preparation - the exercises are quite simple, and the progress is very visible after just a couple of months of constant training and some issues like incontinence go away completely in 90 days

❣️ It'll help you to connect with yourself better - getting to know all your body parts intimately and getting comfortable and confident with your intimate zone is a powerful weapon to get that self-esteem up and achieve better internal harmony

What will you learn in this course?

woman is holding a pelvic floor model in her hands teaching a class on pelvic floor health
Class 1
Introduction to pelvic floor training

This class is an introduction to pelvic floor training. You'll get an understanding of how pelvic floor issues affect the rest of your body and learn 5 key exercises to improve your pelvic floor health.

Watch the first class for free here.

woman in a workout yoga studio is holding a pelvic floor model in her hands teaching a class on pelvic floor health
Class 2
Pelvic floor anatomy and Intra-abdominal pressure

In this class, you'll learn about intra-abdominal pressure and when and why it can it dangerous for your pelvic organs. I will also teach you about the two most important things we work with to get rid of incontinence.

woman in a workout yoga outfit doing Nauli stomach work
Class 3
Practical pelvic floor yoga

This class is all practice. You’ll learn an improved version of the mighty kapalabhati and uddiyana bandha breathing techniques and how to use them in different postures.

woman in a workout yoga studio doing yoga and holding a glut bridge
Class 4
Belly breathing and Nauli

This class is all about belly breathing, including a more improved vacuum breathing technique, Nauli Kriya. Nauli is the Queen of exercises to get rid of incontinence and lose weight and get a beautiful and toned belly. Of course, we'll train the pelvic floor too :)